Clear Creek Pear Brandy


Clear Creek // Oregon, USA

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Portland, Oregon based Clear Creek Distillery sources Williams (also known as Bartlett) pears for this brandy from the nearby Hood River Valley. Whole pears are crushed and fermented, then distilled in pot stills. According to the distillery, it takes approximately thirty pounds of pears to produce one 750ml bottle. The spirit is bottled without barrel ageing. It is available in 750ml, 375ml, and 50ml bottles, as well as in higher priced bottles that contain an entire pear.

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    Most often referring to clear, unaged brandy distilled from wine from any type of fruit. Some styles are macerated with skins after distillation which provide color.
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Tasting Notes

"Clear Creek Pear Brandy pours perfectly clear with a slightly hot nose carries striking notes of pear skin. Bottled without ageing, there is no wood influence to compete with the flavors of the fruit. The spirit arrives in the mouth with a tingling alcoholic warmth, a distinctive essence of pear, and a slight pepperiness. The flavor is even clearer as the alcohol fades, leaving the impression that one has bitten into the fruit itself. The distillery suggests serving this spirit chilled, which gives it a delightfully silky mouthfeel, although it is very enjoyable at room temperature too."

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