Del Maguey Pechuga Mezcal

Mezcal Joven

Del Maguey // Oaxaca, Mexico

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Pechuga mezcal is an age-old tradition among mezcal producers throughout Mexico. It is produced in tiny amounts for friends and family on very special occasions with the exact recipes closely-guarded family secrets. For Del Maguey, their Pechuga production starts with the finished Del Maguey Minero Mezcal which gets returned to the pot-still with a mix of wild mountain apples, plums, plantains, pineapples, almonds, white rice. A raw, skinless chicken breast is used to hang above the still for the distillate to travel through. Always bottled at strength without dilution.

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  • Mezcal Joven
    A spirit distilled from one or more different varieties of agave. Can only be produced in designated areas within 8 different Mexican states. Must be bottled in México. This is unaged or aged in stainless steel or plastic containers before bottling.
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Tasting Notes

"An intriguing and appealing aroma of anise, almond, licorice, fig jam and cinnamon candle with prunes, pine needles and dates just beneath the surface. Velvety soft but not laid back on the tongue. A lot of good stuff going on here--peppery cinnamon in the form of red hots, along with cloves, star anise and cedar. A most elegant and complex mezcal with the smoke taking a back seat. Lots of sweetness to balance out the 49% alcohol makes it almost easy to drink. Don't miss a chance to sip this. "

Score 95

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Flavor Profile

Spicy & Rich

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