Duggan's Dew O'Kirkintilloch


Duggan's // Scotland

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Duggan's Dew is a brand of blended Scotch that was popular before Prohibition, and when found in the states during that time, was known as "The Real McCoy." Importing began again in the 1940s. The chosen name O'Kirkintilloch is an inside joke referring to the Scottish town of Kirkintilloch, which was known for being dry.

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    Comprised of both single malt(s) and single grain(s) often from many different distilleries; if Scotch or Irish must be aged for at least three years in oak barrels; Irish may include single pot still whiskey in the blend.
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Tasting Notes

"It's not going to make you spontaneously jump up to do a Highland jig, but it won't kill you. It's really sweet, with lots of vanilla, caramel and milk chocolate and finishes with somewhat of an acetone kick. But at this price, there are plenty of worse things to drink, especially clear things, and you can always mix it with some soda, ginger ale or put it in a Rob Roy."

Score 73

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Flavor Profile

Sweet & Vanilla

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