Genevieve Genever-Style Gin


Anchor Distilling // California, USA

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Anchor's Genevieve is distilled with the same botanicals as their Junipero dry gin, but the base is a grain mash of wheat, barley, and rye malts which are distilled in a copper pot-still. This is their interpretation of a Genever which is more akin to an unaged whiskey with botanicals.

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    Produced outside of the designated areas allowed for genever (Netherlands, Belguim, and specific areas of France and Germany). These products are produced in the style of genever using a malt-wine as its base, but the amount isn't regulated. Aging is not required, but is allowed. Not a legally recognized category.
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Tasting Notes

"Though it uses the same botanicals as their dry gin, Anchor's genever is a wildly different spirit. Taking in the nose of sweet malts is like walking through a brewery. Rich with grain on the palate, the juniper and other botanicals take on a much more subdued quality. Genevieve has the maltiness one seeks in an oude genever, making it suitable for sipping neat, with a beer, or in classic Holland gin cocktails."

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