Ilegal Mezcal Añejo

Mezcal Añejo

Ilegal Mezcal // Oaxaca, Mexico

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Ilegal Mezcal started as a spirit that was smuggled from Mexico to Guatemala by John Rexer and shared among friends at a tiny bar called Café No Sé. Its (now perfectly legit) Añejo is a 100% agave mezcal. It is double-distilled from espadín agave and aged for 13 months in a combination of American and French oak. Each bottle is hand corked, labeled and numbered.

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  • Mezcal Añejo
    A spirit distilled from one or more different varieties of agave. Can only be produced in designated areas within 8 different Mexican states. Must be bottled in México. Añejo mezcal is aged for over 1 year in wood.
  • Cask Type
    French and American Oak

Tasting Notes

"Each expression of Ilegal tastes of a smoky music club, with strong vegetal funk and earthy bass notes. This more mature version adds a touch of honeyed sweetness, and the smokiness also starts to veer toward the toasty sweet side, heading close to vanilla and milk chocolate territory. A salty undertone keeps it fresh. "

Score 94

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Flavor Profile

Smoky & Rich

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