Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select


Jack Daniel's // Tennessee, USA

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First introduced in 1997, Single Barrel Select is just that--selected single barrels of Jack Daniel's. The barrels are selected by the master distiller and a small team from barrels on the upper floors of select warehouses. Each Single Barrel bottling will display the rick number, barrel number, and bottling date. As is the nature of single barrel releases, expect variations in flavor. Bottled at 94 proof.

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    Produced in Tennessee; mash grain at least 51% corn; aged in new, charred oak barrels; filtered through maple charcoal prior to aging.
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    new, charred American oak

Tasting Notes

"The nose shows intense notes of oak, honey, and cinnamon. The palate continues with more woody aromas but also includes the classic banana note typical in Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 along with rich vanilla. The finish is long and spiced with pink peppercorns in particular standing out. "

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Full Bodied & Rich