Kozuba & Sons Starkus

Barrel-Aged Vodka

Kozuba & Sons // Florida, USA

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“Starkus" means stork in Lithuanian. This is a barrel-aged vodka (though technically a "grain spirit" in the US) that pays homage to the legend of saving a barrel of spirit for a newborn’s wedding. This vodka is made entirely from rye and finished in oak barrels, though the label does not disclose for how long. That said, this distillate has a warm yellow almost golden color.

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  • Barrel-Aged Vodka
    A vodka which spends some time in a barrel. Also called Starka. Not officially recognized as a category in the US.
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Tasting Notes

"This straddles identities right out of the gate. A musty smell of fermentation, wet grains, and bitter chocolate. First to be noticed is the palate’s olive oil texture. Second, is the almost entirely neutral palate. There are some light grain notes and dry spices on the finish. Otherwise, this barrel-aged vodka is all texture."

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Oily & Neutral