Maggie's Farm Queen's Share Bourbon Barrel-Aged

Aged Rum

Maggie's Farm // Pennsylvania, USA


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Maggie's Farm Queen Share rum line is created by re-distilling the tail runs from their regular rum line. The rums are distilled from fermented turbinado sugar. This particular expression is aged in lightly-toasted bourbon barrels for 17 months before bottling. The proof for their Queen's Share line varies, but is generally around 56% to 58% ABV.

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  • Aged Rum
    Rum that is aged, but no specific type or size barrel required. No set time required for length of aging, but will often carry an age statement (which should be taken with a grain of salt). Often thought of as "sipping rums".
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    Used Bourbon Barrels

Tasting Notes

"The aroma of this rum is a swirl of chaotic notes--pencil lead, dried orange peel, vanilla, butter, fresh-cut lemon, and funky oak. The first sip reveals the citrus notes from the aroma with raw oak tannins and buttery vanilla which then lead into a mineral rich fade. Lemon zest and ethyl-alcohol create a bitterly dry finish."

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Woody & Mineral

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