Novo Fogo Tanager Cachaça


Novo Fogo // Paraná, Brazil

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Novo Fogo cachaça begins with freshly cut, certified-organic, estate-grown sugarcane that is crushed within 24 hours of harvest and immediately fermented for no more than 18 hours. The Tanager (Portuguese for "little bird") is an expression that is aged in two different types of barrels. First, it is aged one year in Four Roses bourbon barrels that have been disassembled, sanded out and lightly re-toasted. Then that distillate is finished for 2 to 3 months in arariba (Brazilian zebra-wood), which imparts its red color.

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    Produced in Brazil. Distilled from sugarcane juice. If aged, at least 50% of product must be at least 1 year old. The types of barrels used are not specified, but often utilize Brazilian wood. Up to 6 grams of sugar per liter may be added.
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Tasting Notes

"This, unique, delightfully sippable cachaça tastes of a boozy, fresh fruit-salad. Tart strawberries, raspberries, kiwi, and bananas are accented with zippy ginger, mint, and basil. Nutmeg and cinnamon are sprinkled on top, with a dose of vanilla for added measure. Very fun and refreshing to sip. A must try for cane nerds, but with plenty of approachability for those new to the category."

Score 95

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Flavor Profile

Sweet & Fruity