Merrylegs Genever-Style Gin


Oregon Spirit Distillers // Oregon, USA

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Oregon Spirit Distillers continues their trade in classic cocktail bar staples that have a Pacific Northwest influence with this lovely Genever. As traditional, the base spirit is made of malted barley placing this spirit in between what we may call a white whiskey and a more currently popular gin style based on neutral grain spirit.

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    Produced outside of the designated areas allowed for genever (Netherlands, Belguim, and specific areas of France and Germany). These products are produced in the style of genever using a malt-wine as its base, but the amount isn't regulated. Aging is not required, but is allowed. Not a legally recognized category.
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Tasting Notes

"The spirit’s nose speaks clearly of the malted barley base and has plenty of grain elements such as baked bread and toasted seed. Unfortunately these authentic Genever elements edge out most of the botanicals and leave juniper all but undetectable. The rich palate has great integration of alcohol and a pleasant rounded character that benefits from a presence of candied anise and a zesty finish with a hint of white pepper spice. Very easy to enjoy on it’s own, but the lack of botanical depth makes it difficult to recommend for classic cocktails."

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Rich & Sweet