Zuidam Dutch Courage Old Tom's Gin

Old Tom Gin

Zuidam // Netherlands

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Zuidam Distillers makes a variety of spirits including whisky, rum, and gin. Their Old Tom gin is produced using 10 botanicals, including elderflower, iris root, whole lemons and whole vanilla beans. They are individually distilled and blended before dilution to their desired bottling proof. It is then placed in new, American oak barrels for a brief period. It is bottled at 40% and is currently available for sale in Europe and Hong Kong.

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  • Old Tom Gin
    This style is not legally defined, but in general, this style of gin is mildly sweet and is not juniper-forward. It falls in between London Dry Gin and Genever in terms of sweetness level.
  • Cask Type
    New American oak

Tasting Notes

"It opens up on fresh juniper notes, accompanied by coriander, and supported by a subtle layer of malt. A whisper of orange liqueur makes for a well-integrated and soft nose. The palate is fairly sweet, with a good amount of brown sugar, although the orange and citrus notes are profound as well. The sweetness and juniper notes linger for a little while."

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