New Spirits Releases - September 30, 2022

Check out the latest releases hitting shelves soon. Photo Credit: Wild Turkey
Sep 30, 2022
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    Wild Turkey Master's Keep Unforgotten is made from a blend of straight whiskeys distilled at Wild Turkey. More specifically, it's a blend of fully matured 13 year-old bourbon and 8 & 9 year-old rye whiskeys selected by Master Distiller Eddie Russell. After the whiskeys are married, the blend is finished in rye casks for a period of time before bottling at 105 proof. Unforgotten was inspired by a previous 2010 release from Wild Turkey called Forgiven which was made by a "happy accident" when young bourbon was blended with a barrel of mature bourbon. This is limited edition release available beginning September 2022. (SRP $200)
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    This is the 11th edition in the cask strength port finish series from Angel's Envy, first introduced in 2012 by Wes Henderson, his son Kyle, and his father, the late Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson. A handful of barrels from the rickhouses deemed noteworthy enough are chosen to undergo an extended finish in port wine barrels from Portugal. This release is bottled at 119.8 proof, with 16,980 bottles available in the US as of October 2022. (SRP $229.99)
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    This limited edition bottling is a release from Ross & Squibb (fka MGP) in Lawrenceburg, Indiana under its George Remus portfolio. The Gatsby Reserve bottling honors F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby" which was published nearly a century ago in 1925. The 15 year-old bourbon was crafted by Master Distiller Ian Stirsman and his team at Ross & Squibb and it's bottled in an art deco designed bottle at a cask strength of 48.9% ABV. Available as of October 2022 nationwide. (SRP $199.99)
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    This bottling of Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon marks the 8th edition for the brand. Master Distiller Donnis Todd selected 8 & 9 year-old 25-gallon barrels of Texas bourbon to marry for this 2022 release. It's bottled at a whopping 67.4% ABV and packaged in custom built wood gift box w/satin pillow and a medallion to reflect the year of release. Beginning October 2022 there are 8,600 bottles available nationally following the traditional 1,000 bottles that were released at the distillery on release day the previous week. (SRP $249.99)
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    The 2022 Edition is the fourth release in the barrel strength series for Templeton Rye which first began in 2018 (there was no release for 2021). The barrels selected for this batch vary in age, but the mash bill used here is 95% rye and 5% malted barley. Bottled without chill filtration at 114.6 proof, it is available as of September 2022 in the US and select international markets including the EU. (SRP $59.99)
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    This is the fifth Gray Label release for Barrell Craft Spirits and this one features a blend of straight bourbons with were distilled and aged in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana. Five different mash bill recipes were used here with varying ages. After the bourbons were married, they were placed into casks made with 36 month air-dried staves that previously held Gray Label Bourbon to rest and age further. It's bottled at a cask strength of 100.58 proof and is available as of September 2022. (SRP $249.99)
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    This Fall 2018 Bottled in Bond release from Chattanooga Whiskey is the fourth such release for the distillery. It is comprised of 4 high malt bourbons that each contain 25% specialty malted grains in their mash bills, all distilled in the fall of 2018 (July-December). The specialty malts used here include cherrywood smoke malt, naked oak malt and de-husked chocolate malt. As per bottled-in-bond requirements, it is bottled at 100 proof. Availability begins in September 2022 in select US markets. (SRP $52.99)
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    A Midwinter Night's Dram is a seasonal release from High West and this bottling marks the 10th annual edition. It begins as a blend of straight rye whiskeys which are made from two mash bill recipes: one is a 95% rye/5% malted barley distilled in Indiana and the other is an 80% rye/20% malted rye made at High West in Utah. Then the rye blend is further finished in ruby and tawny port casks. Prior to 2018, the brand sourced the rye whiskeys for this release, but it now features its own distillate. Please note: The Act reflects the batch number (Act 10 is the 2022 release) while the Scene is the bottling date. Available in limited quantities as of October 2022. (SRP $150 nationwide $125 Utah only)
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    This bottled-in-bond rye whiskey from FEW Spirits follows its BIB Bourbon which was first released in 2021. It is made with a mash bill recipe of 70% rye, 20% corn and 10% malted barley and it's aged a minimum of four years in accordance with BIB regulations. This limited edition release is available as of October 2022 with an initial run of 1,200 cases. (SRP $50)
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    This Sherry Finish Rye from Sagamore Spirit is a limited edition expression in its Reserve Series. The brand previously released a Sherry Finish Rye as a distillery exclusive in 2019, but this is an updated version with nationwide availability. Here the brand takes its 4 year-old straight rye whiskey and finishes its maturation in PX sherry casks for an additional 18 months. Bottled at 106 proof, this is available as of September 2022. (SRP $79)
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    This limited edition bottling from The Macallan honors the six decades of James Bond films which began its run in October 1962 with the release of Dr. No. The film series has featured six actors playing the role of Bond and The Macallan has chosen to package this release with six different labels and boxes, each with an illustrative design and color to denote the decade it represents as well as sketches and script notes from the films. As for the whisky, Master Whisky Maker Kirsteen Campbell has chosen a whisky which has a natural color of "Suisse gold" — Bond's mother was Swiss and his father Scottish — and has bottled it at 43.7% ABV as a nod to Bond's agent number 007. This 60th Anniversary Release has a limited worldwide launch beginning September 2022 with the US getting its allotment in February 2023. (SRP $1007)
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    Malting Season is one in a limited-edition annual series from Benriach which celebrates seasonal production techniques done at the distillery. Benriach is one of seven distilleries in Scotland to have a malting floor and this bottling honors that tradition. Master Blender Rachel Barrie selected concerto barley to use here in its production which was malted in autumn 2013. The single malt was aged in first-fill bourbon barrels and was bottled at barrel strength of 48.9% ABV, slightly higher than the previous edition. Available in select markets for a limited time as of September 2022. (SRP $159.99)
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    Benriach Smoke Season is a small batch bottling of the distillery’s seasonal production run, during which peated spirit passes through its stills. The spirit uses 100% intensely peated Highland malt from a recipe tweaked by Master Blender Rachel Barrie. It was batch distilled and matured in first fill bourbon barrels combined with a high proportion of charred and toasted American virgin oak casks. It is bottled at 52.8% ABV and available in limited quantities as of September 2022. (SRP $77.99)
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    This updated version of Dewar's 12 Year was released in September 2022. Dewar's Master Blender Stephanie MacLeod crafted this whisky and like previous iterations, it was made from a blend of up to 40 single malt and grain whiskies. But this updated version is also double aged in first-fill American oak ex-bourbon barrels. To reflect the new version, Dewar's 12 Year is packaged with a updated label and a clear glass bottle. (SRP $29.99)