Who Loves Caribbean Rum? We Do!

It takes a great big world to give us the amazing variety of delicious rums out there, but some of our favorites come from the Caribbean Islands. If you can get your hands on any of these you won't be disappointed!
Apr 06, 2016
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    10 Mount Gay 1703 Master Select Rum
    This limited edition rum is created at the Mount Gay Distillery in Barbados by Master Blender Allen Smith. It is created using a blend of copper pot and copper column rums ranging from 10-30 years of age. Released annually beginning in 2009, this rum batch has recently undergone an updated packaging and and was formerly known as 1703 Old Cask Selection. This release will have 12,000 bottles available worldwide.
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    9 Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel 2005
    The first in a line of new vintage products from Don Q. This 2005 vintage is a single barrel product aged in used American bourbon barrels. In an effort to stay true to their endeavor of creating a true single barrel product the rum is only blended with water for proofing and no other rums are used in the blending process.
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    8 Clairin Sajous Rhum Blanc
    In the remote villages of Haiti, primitive micro-distilleries craft a spirit known as clairin from sugar cane juice for local consumption. Naturally fermented using only airborne wild yeast and bottled at distillation strength, this spirit is throwback to the days prior to modern distilleries, and reminiscent of raw rhum agricole. Italian independent bottler Velier purchased batches of clairin from a small number of distilleries, but unfortunately it’s not currently imported to the U.S.
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    7 Chairman's Reserve The Forgotten Casks Rum
    In May of 2007 Saint Lucia Distillery experienced a major fire. In the chaos that happened during the aftermath, this rum was forgotten for a time by the cellar master. When it was discovered it was decided to make a special blend in commemoration of the event. The rum is a blend of Coffey still and continuous -still distillate; it is aged separately according to still type in former bourbon and Tennessee whiskey barrels before being married together in oak to complete the aging process for an additional 5 years. All told, the rums are aged from 7-12 years.
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    6 Clément XO Rhum Agricole
    If you see a bottle of Rhum Clément X.O., buy it without hesitation. This gem from Martinique is no longer being produced, and will soon be replaced with another marque. Why? Because the 1952 vintage that is so key to its flavor profile has finally run out (It also includes rhums from 1970 and 1976). A beautiful example of the French style.
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    5 Appleton Estate 21 Year Rum
    Appleton Estate, located in Nassau Valley in the parish of St. Elizabeth, has been producing rum on the 11,000 acre estate since 1749. The sugarcane varieties are estate-grown and the yeast used in fermentation is a proprietary strain. Both column and pot stills are used in its production. For this bottling, the rums are aged for at least 21 years in American oak. They are blended and bottled at 86 proof.
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    4 Foursquare 2004 Single Blended Rum
    Foursquare Rum Distillery is located in St. Phillip, Barbados. Owned and operated by fourth generation distiller, Richard Seale, this distillery produces some of the most distinguished brands in Barbados. Released in September 2015, this rum is part of a new line of vintage releases by the distillery. It was created by distilling molasses using a combination of pot and column stills. These rums were combined and aged for eleven years using ex-bourbon casks.
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    3 Appleton Estate Joy Anniversary Blend
    Released in honor of Joy Spence's 20th anniversary as master blender for Appleton Estate Rums. It is a 25 year-old rum which includes some 35 year-old rum in the blend. The blend includes two rums of significance to Spence: rum from her first year with Appleton (1981) and rum from her favorite marque of pot-still rum. This rum bottling will begin to appear in markets in March 2017.
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    2 Ron Barceló Premium Imperial Blend 30 Aniversario
    Created by Miguel Barceló this anniversary blend is aged for 10 years in used American bourbon barrels. The rum is then recasked in Chateau D’Yquem barrels for two years. Each year the company allocates a small amount of this product to the world market.
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    1 Brugal Papá Andrés 2015 Alegría Edition Rum
    Developed by Brugal Master Blender, Jassil Villanueva Quintana, this is the second release of what has long been the Brugal family's private reserve rum, blended from 36 old casks stashed away for safekeeping in Brugal's warehouses. Papá Andrés is named in honor of Brugal's founder, Don Andrés Brugal Montaner, while this edition, "Alegría", translates to joy. The accompanying crystal decanter, set inside a brightly adorned presentation box with an illustrated collector's' book, were all created by Spanish designer Javier Mariscal. Only 1,000 decanters were released, with all profits going to the Brugal Foundation.