Making Whiskey? Start with the Mash Bill

July 4, 2017

So you like whiskey a lot. Maybe you even love it. Us too. But do you know how it’s made? As you might expect, it’s a pretty involved process with multiple steps, but it all starts with the mash bill.

Understanding the mash bill is important because, aside from the type of barrel used in maturation, it is the most important factor when it comes to the final flavor of the whiskey.

Check out Step 1 of whiskey creation: The Mash.

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The Mash Bill

Expert Reviews of Bottles In This Post

Corn Mash Bill

George Dickel #12 Tennessee Whisky
– Elijah Craig 12 Bourbon
– Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon

Barley Mash Bill

– Bushmills 10 Year
– Glenfiddich 18 Year
– The Macallan 12 Year

Malted + Unmalted (Single Pot Still):
– Redbreast 12 Year
– Powers Signature Release
– Green Spot

Malted + Peated:
– Laphroaig 10 Year
– Ardbeg 10 Year
– Highland Park 12 Year

Rye Mash Bill

– Rittenhouse Rye
– Sazerac Straight Rye
– Angel’s Envy Rye

Wheat Mash Bill

– W.L. Weller 12 Bourbon
– Rebel Reserve Bourbon
– Maker’s Mark Bourbon

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