Rosa Tequila Suggestions for Spirits Trend Setters

July 7, 2023

While rosé wines have been hot for some time, pink colored spirits are relatively new to the scene. Vodka makers got in on the action with brands like Effen and Svedka adding rose-wine flavored bottles. Of course gin makers weren’t far behind as they added their spin on pink spirits: strawberry, rhubarb, and pink grapefruit were the primary additions. Now tequila makers are in the pink, quite literally, with rosa tequila bottles being added to their rosters.

At present, there is no regulation for rosa tequila specifically (rosa translates to pink in Spanish). But of course tequila rules still apply if a brand wants to use terms such as reposado, añejo, etc. As it stands now, most brands on the market are creating their pink-colored tequilas by aging them in former red wine barrels. So if you’re looking at joining in the trend, read on. We’ve got a few rosa tequila brands to recommend.

Don Julio Rosado

This rosa tequila qualifies as a reposado tequila, as it rests for 4 months in ruby port wine casks. Like the rest of the Don Julio portfolio, the ripe agaves were selected from the Los Altos region in Jalisco, Mexico. The tequila has an all-natural pink hue and is recommended to drink on the rocks or with a splash of seltzer and lemon wedge. This was added as a permanent addition to the brand’s portfolio as of February 2023. (SRP $125.99)

Rosa Tequila: Don Julio RosadoDon Julio Rosado /Photo Credit: Don Julio

Celosa Rose Tequila

The brand uses 7-year-old agaves grown in a single estate distillery, Hacienda La Capilla in the Highlands of Jalisco. After cooking and fermenting the agaves, the juice is distilled and then rested in used French oak barrels which previously held Napa Valley pinot noir & cabernet sauvignon wine. There are no additives used in its production. (SRP $129)

Tequila Komos Reposado Rosa

Using 100% blue weber agave harvested from both the Tequila Valley and Los Altos in Jalisco, traditional stone ovens are used for cooking. As for maturation, the tequila is aged in French oak red wine barrels for 65 days imparting a pink hue to the tequila. Next the tequila is placed in a Greek amphorae and gently tumbled. (SRP $99)

Calirosa Rosa Tequila

Calirosa is produced by the Real family in Amatitán, Jalisco where they have been producing tequila since 1942. This blanco expression is made from 100% blue weber agave that is harvested at 7 to 9 years. Its pink hue is imparted from California red wine barrels where it spends 30 days resting. (SRP $49)

Código 1530 Rosa

This brand was one of the first to start the rosa tequila trend when the brand released this back in 2016. It begin with 100% blue weber agave blanco tequila. It then rests for one month in Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon wine barrels. It’s naturally flavored and colored before bottling at 80 proof. (SRP $60)

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