New Spirits Releases - February 10, 2023

Check out the latest releases hitting shelves soon! Photo credit: Garrison Bros.
Feb 10, 2023
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    Garrison Brothers is a grain-to-glass distillery located in Hye in the Texas Hill Country. This 2023 limited edition bourbon release is named after one of the great rivers of the Lone Star State. Master Distiller Donnis Todd and his team begin with their flagship Texas straight bourbon. They then finish the bourbon in tawny port barrels for an additional two years. Bottled at 107 proof, there were a total of 16,093 bottles made and 1,002 of those bottles were sold at their release party at the distillery. The remaining bottles will be distributed nationally in February 2023. (SRP $149.99)
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    Bernheim Barrel Proof Wheat Whiskey A223 is the first national barrel proof release for the wheat whiskey brand. Like the Original expression it is made with a mash bill of 51% wheat, 37% corn, and 12% malted barley and the age will range from 7-9 years. Like other Heaven Hill Barrel Proof batches, the naming conventions for each batch will use "A" for the first batch, the next digit will indicate the month of release, and the final two digits will indicate the year of release. There are expected to be two barrel proof batches released each year going forward. National availability begins February 2023. (SRP $64.99)
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    The Master's Collection from Woodford Reserve is a series that highlights one of five elements in whiskey production: water, grain, fermentation, distillation, and maturation. For this bottling, the 18th expression in the series, Master Distiller Emeritus Chris Morris chose to highlight the proof of the bourbon before it goes into the barrel. The maximum proof bourbon is allowed to enter a barrel is 125 proof. Woodford Reserve's standard is 110, but this bourbon was placed into the barrel at 100 proof which reflects whiskey making in the 19th century. Availability begins in select US and global markets as of February 2023. (SRP $129.99)
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    Yellowstone American Single Malt is made from a 100% barley malt mash bill and is aged for four years. The whiskey is a permanent addition to the Yellowstone whiskey portfolio which calls the Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky its home. Available nationwide beginning March 2023. (SRP $54.99)
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    The inspiration for this whiskey is the nation's first interstate park which is located in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. It's an American single malt whiskey made from 100% Wisconsin-grown malted barley including some cherrywood smoked and dark roasted malts. The whiskey is distilled in Minnesota, but it actually is aged for at least 4 years in both Minnesota and Wisconsin using virgin American oak barrels. This bottling marks the first American single malt whiskey released by Tattersall to date. Available in, you guessed it, Minnesota and Wisconsin beginning February 2023. (SRP $45)
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    Founded in 2019, Buzzard's Roost is an independent blender and bottler of sourced whiskeys. This Smoked Barrel Straight Rye expression is made from a sourced 4 year-old rye (95% rye 5% malted barley) which was double barreled into new, toasted American oak barrels which were gently smoked. Bottled at 105 proof, it's available beginning February 2023. (SRP $70)
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    This bottling is the second release in the Bowmore X Aston Martin Masters' Selection, a collaboration between the Scotch whisky brand and luxury British carmaker Aston Martin. This bottling features single malts which were distilled in two different millennia, 1997 and 2000. Additionally, two different types of barrels were used in the maturation process, American oak hogsheads and sherry butts. The whisky will be available in key global markets such as the UK, Germany, Canada, China and the US beginning January 2023. (SRP $450)
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    THE DEACON is a blended Scotch whisky made in collaboration with Sovereign Brands, a family-owned wine & spirits company, and spirits giant Pernod Ricard. Included in the blend are single malts from Islay and Speyside regions in Scotland. The bottle's packaging is inspired by traditional copper pot stills. Available in the US beginning February 2023. (SRP $39.99)
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    Proper No. 12 Irish Apple is the first product extension for the Irish whiskey brand co-founded by MMA Champion Conor McGregor. Like the flagship whiskey which first launched in 2018, this apple flavored whiskey is made with a blend of Irish triple-distilled grain & single malts which aged for four years in ex-bourbon barrels. Available as of February 2023. (SRP $24.99/750ml)