Sugarcane Spirits for Carnaval

In addition to Brazil & New Orleans, many Caribbean nations take part in Carnaval including Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, and Martinique. Celebrate the season with these sugarcane spirits!
Feb 06, 2018
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    This distillery, and its tradition dates back to the mid19th century. A product of the Dominican Republic, Brugal Extra Dry Supremo is distilled from molasses. It is aged in American white oak previously used to age whiskey, and then triple-filtered to remove all color resulting in a clear, clean spirit. In the US, it's bottled at 40% ABV but this may vary in other countries. Note: Formerly known as Brugal Blanco Especial Extra Dry.
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    Bayou Select Rum starts with Louisiana-grown sugarcane distilled twice in copper pot-stills in Lacassine, LA. Prior to bottling, it’s aged in ex-bourbon barrels for up to three years. The Bayou line of rums also includes Satsuma, Spiced, and Silver expressions.
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    Sweet & Fruity
    Angostura 1919 is named to refer to a time in the distillery’s history in which a great portion of the barrel aging facility and distillery were destroyed by a massive fire. Barrels with the age date of 1919 were spared. This rum is fermented for 48-72 hours before being distilled in continuous column stills. 1919 is aged in first use, ex-bourbon barrels for a minimum of 8 years.
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    Barbancourt 5 Star spends 8 years in French Limousin oak casks. As with the entire Barbancourt lineup, it's made from sugarcane juice and double distilled. Bottled at 86 proof.
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    Under the watch of sixth-generation Master Distiller Roberto Serralles, Don Q Añejo is distilled five times in a continuous still, then aged from three to ten years in used American white oak barrels. According to Don Q, up to 10% of the aged rum is lost to evaporation - the “Angel’s Share” - compared to an average of 2% in Scotland.
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    Like any forward-thinking entrepreneur, Homère Clément saw an opportunity in the midst of chaos, founding Habitation Clément at a time when Martinique had all but lost its sugar industry. Centuries later, the world can sip the fruits of this labor, such as this Select Barrel rhum agricole. It's named thus because it is aged in French oak barrels individually chosen by the cellar master for various characteristics which mingle to form the final product. The rhum is matured in these casks for three years.
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    Sweet & Hogo
    Rhum agricole has been produced at the Bellevue Distillery on Guadeloupe since the end of the 19th century, and by the Damoiseau family at that distillery since the 1940s. Their VSOP is made from fresh, island-grown sugarcane juice that is aged a minimum of 4 years in ex-bourbon casks that have been re-charred for extra flavor.
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    One of Brazil’s only female cachaça distillers, Katia Espírito Santo, oversees a sustainable distillation process that begins with the sugarcane that’s grown without pesticides and hand-harvested at her farm, Fazenda da Quinta in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The cane is crushed by a spring-fed water wheel and the fermented juice is distilled in copper pot stills. Avuá Cachaça Prata is rested in stainless steel tanks for six months before being hand-bottled.