1. Bunnahabhain 12 Year

    Peated Single Malt — Islay, Scotland

    Tasted October 9, 2019
    4.25 out of 5 stars
    Nose: cream, vanilla and butter are immediately apparent, with stone fruit, plums and dates. Sweetness of Molasses cookies, slight ginger spice, red grapes and soft grassy notes, giving a sense of freshness. Subtle blood orange zest mix in with the sherry influence to provide a tanginess. Adding water really brings out caramel, slight papaya and milk chocolate. Palate: Much spicier than presented in the nose, immediate nuttiness, macadamian, shortbread and molasses. Pepper flakes and citrus are much more apparent as well with strong wine flavours. Stone fruit is very much still present with earthy tones. Water tames the taste much more, making it woodier and sweeter. Finish: long lasting - slightly burnt oak, dark red fruit, subtle spice notes
  2. Redbreast 12 Year

    Single Pot Still — Ireland

    Tasted September 6, 2019
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Nose: The olorosso appears immediately with dark red fruit notes, plum and grapes. Vanilla, butter and slight floral notes follow with custard, heavy peach jam and cooking spices; nutmeg and baked apple tart. Sweetened apples and grape juice linger. Palate: A brief smoke appears initially with cloves, toasted barley and cinnamon. Very apparent sweetness of green apple and buttered tart, reminding of rhubarb pie. Pecans and malt mix with orange zest and cream. Finish: Medium finish with very brief hint of smoke, nuts and orange rind
  3. Loch Lomond 18 Year

    Single Malt — Highlands , Scotland

    Tasted July 26, 2019
    2.25 out of 5 stars
    Nose: Wet mossy wood, salt and light pepper, sea air, spicy cheese (parmesan?) Palate: immediate bitterness and spice, sandalwood, slightly stronger salt and pepper, slight vinegar, very little black licorice Finish: Bitter finish with dryer oak
  4. Redbreast Lustau Edition

    Single Pot Still — Ireland

    Tasted June 7, 2019
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Nose: Rich dark fruits, cherries and figs with buttery biscuits and cream, Bourbon influence is apparent with almonds and orange rind. Spices appear, cloves and liquorice. Heather and honey notes can be found lingering. Palate: Very rich sherry, oily and full, the bitterness of dark chocolate and cherries. A leathery flavor, jerky from the oak and bourbon come in slighty with cream. Oily walnuts and cloves linger with plums and slight herbal notes. Palate: medium length finish with lasting
  5. Glenfarclas 17 Year

    Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

    Tasted June 7, 2019
    3.75 out of 5 stars
    Nose: immediate sherry and cherry. Sweet candied berries, apricot marmalade, raisins and buttery notes. The fragrance gives way to caramel and spices, nutmeg and cream, dark chocolate and slight floral. Addition of water really brings out the oak and the charred smoke flavor. Palate: The bourbon influence is much more apparent in the taste with vanilla and spices. Very well balanced, giving way to the sweeter Oloroso flavors and an oily feel from the buttery notes. Fruit continue to appear, but peels, orange rinds. Adding water brings out an intense baked red apple coated in cinnamon with that charred oak appearing even more. Finish: Long lasting with spices and oak with slight smoke in the finish.
  6. Johnnie Walker Swing

    Peated Blend — Scotland

    Tasted June 1, 2019
    1.75 out of 5 stars
    Nose: Immediate malt notes with a hint of lemon and oak, sugar cane can be found with hints of pear, green apple and walnuts. Very slight floral and cream notes. Palate: Dry from the start with oak, vanilla and malt. Slight nuts and very light cream, gives off a very brief vegetative notes, reminding almost of peat. Finish: very brief with hints of malt and oak.
  7. Dalwhinnie Winter's Frost (Game of Thrones-House Stark)

    Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

    Tasted May 25, 2019
    2.75 out of 5 stars
    Nose: Immediate malt, sugar, honey and green apples. Nuts, perhaps walnut, with a strong oak barrel presence, with a slight hint of banana and milk chocolate. Palate: Immediate short-lasting honey followed by sugar and oak as the predominant flavour, giving a overly dry feeling on the tongue, with an underwhelming apple taste. Nuts follow through with a slight cocoa taste. Finish: A short finish, very dry with the presence of oak and slight spice.
  8. The Epicurean Blended Malt

    Blended Malt — Lowlands, Scotland

    Tasted May 24, 2019
    4.25 out of 5 stars
    Nose: Dill flavor hits the nose initially with a buttery fragrance, delicate floral and grassy notes. Some lemon zest appears with green apple and a mild spearmint note at the back. Addition of water brings out a rich chocolate note and making th sugar much more apparent. Palate: Cinnamon appears much more prominently with strong grassy notes, fennel, pears and apples. The spiciness lingers throughout giving way to a creamier flavor, vanilla and soft herbs, almost like a mint tea. Adding water opens up fruitier notes of green grapes and slight hints of banana with milk chocolate Finish: A long-lasting combination of lemongrass, fennel and subtle oak.
  9. Arran Sauternes Cask Finish Single Malt

    Single Malt — Islands, Scotland

    Tasted May 22, 2019
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Nose: A very unique fragrance, a mix of bananas, honey, unripened lemon zest. Nutmeg with a hint of peanut oil appear with a delicate vanilla flower note. Apples are very apparent, but a green apple (green jolly rancher) with white grapes and a light salt note. The nose is very dry, white and green fruit notes are predominant, similar almost to a light champagne. Adding water really brings out an herbal note, reminiscent of walking through a vegetable garden. Palate: A heavier sweetness comes in the taste, overpowering honey and white grapes, the sauternes influence almost makes you think you're tasting white wine. Delicate and floral with the lightness and bitterness of lemon rinds. Very dry feeling on the tongue and easy going considering the 50% ABV. Finish: Medium length with a slight oak, even more so after adding water
  10. Aberlour A'bunadh

    Single Malt — Highlands, Scotland

    Tasted May 22, 2019
    4.75 out of 5 stars
    Nose: Incredible oloroso fragrance jumps out immediately with dark chocolate and cherries. Delicate spices follow, ginger, white pepper and cinnamon with dried fruits, raisins and apricots. A brief reminder of flaky pastry with prune marmalade. A wood note lingers in the back, reminding slightly of a bourbon cask finish which is interesting because it is only finished in Oloroso casks. Adding water absolutely opens it, making the sherry influence much more apparent, bananas and mango jump out with macadamia nut and white pepper. Palate: Red fruit sweetness as soon as you taste it, the cherries and red apple are first to appear followed by light milk chocolate. Ginger and cinnamon are much stronger at the back of the tongue. Adding water brings out the tropical notes in the taste as well, a burst of banana, mangos, mandarins and a slight coconut note. Unlike the nose, water causes more and more oak to appear in the taste. Finish: Neverending, ever changing, the finish holds the sherry influence until the end, with cherry, ginger and cinnamon.
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