Affordable Father’s Day Whiskey Picks for Dad

June 16, 2023

It’s that time of year again. We’re halfway through the year and not only is it a great time to restock your bar with some new whiskeys, but it’s also time to celebrate dear ole dad. And yes, you could break the bank and splurge on an ultra rare, limited-edition whiskey. But the reality is that you’re often paying for the fancy packaging rather than the liquid inside the exquisite crystal decanter. There have been several releases this year and we’ve got some affordable Father’s Day whiskey recommendations to help in your selection.

American Whiskey

Old Elk Rum Cask Finished Rye

Earlier this year Old Elk released its first rye whiskey in its Cask Finish Series and it’s a winner. Beginning with a 5 year-old high-rye rye whiskey (95% rye, 5% malted barley), Old Elk finishes the maturation process with Barbados rum casks for 2-5 months. Although rum-finished whiskeys can sometimes veer too heavily into the rum lane, Old Elk manages to keep the rye flavors intact. The rum acts almost like a sweetener would in a cocktail while also giving off some tropical fruit notes. All you need to pair with this affordable Father’s Day whiskey is a glass and a couple of ice cubes.

SRP $99.99

Sagamore Spirit 8 Year Straight Rye (2023 Release)

This eight year-old rye whiskey is one of the longest age releases from the Maryland-based distillery. The distillery is known for finishing its Reserve Series rye whiskeys in various barrels such as tequila, rum, and port wine barrels. But this rye is aged exclusively in new, charred American oak barrels so the hearty rye flavors can shine. Sagamore Spirit released a very limited 8 year-old rye two years ago, but this bottling was released to its entire domestic distributors.

SRP $79

Irish Whiskey

Writers Tears Red Head

Writers Tears is a triple-distilled Irish whiskey brand from Walsh Whiskey. And while Writers Tears typically releases either blends or single pot still whiskeys, this Red Head bottling is a single malt whiskey. Aged exclusively in Spanish sherry butts which have been seasoned with oloroso sherry, the Red Head was finally released in the US this year. It has a moderate sweetness and fruity flavors which makes this a great everyday sipper.

SRP $70

Powers Irish Rye

While bourbon is required to be made in the US, rye is allowed to be made anywhere. Still, most rye whiskeys you’ll see on the shelf will be from the US or Canada. This release from Irish Distillers is surprising not only that it is made from 100% rye, but that rye is 100% Irish-grown. This affordable whiskey shows more green/grassy flavors along with honey, coconut and mild spices. Try in your next Manhattan or Irish Coffee.

SRP $32

Scotch Whisky

The Deacon Blended Scotch Whisky

Admittedly, the bottle design inspired by copper pot stills is not one typically seen in the Scotch whisky world. But the eye-catching design isn’t the only thing that makes you stop and take notice. Utilizing Speyside and Islay single malts in its creation, The Deacon has a moderate mossy peat smoke flavor which allows for flavors such as apples, porridge, and orange to come through. It’s an unexpected blend that is certain to stand out on any bar cart.

SRP $40

Affordable Father's Day Whiskey

Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2014

This 2014 Vintage release is the latest single malt from Bruichladdich featuring malted barley grown exclusively on Islay. In fact, all the barley was grown on farms within 15 miles of the distillery. Port Charlotte is the distillery’s heavily-peated line so expect to find flavors akin to a smoky beach bonfire. But you’ll also find bittersweet chocolate, salty pretzels, and malty richness.

SRP $85

Other World Whiskies

Suntory AO World Whisky

While the term “world whisky” often refers to whiskies made outside of the North America, Scotland and Ireland, this release from Suntory uses the term literally. The Japanese brand known for the craft of blending has created AO using whiskies from five different countries: Scotland, Ireland, the US, Canada, and Japan. What could be a cacophonous mess of a whisky is instead a harmonious, yet intriguing whisky with sweet malt, toasted oak, and dried fruit.

SRP $59.99

Pōkeno Origin

Pōkeno Whisky Co. was founded in New Zealand in 2017 so not only is this a new release for the US, it’s a new release period. The brand sources its barley from the South Island and uses volcanic spring water from the North Island. This Origin bottling is matured fully in ex-bourbon barrels and has flavors of coconut, pear, and toasted cereal. Scotch whisky fans, particularly those who prefer non-peated whiskies, will be pleased to try this affordable whiskey.

SRP $70

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