Spring & Summer Sips: Warm Weather Whiskey

May 7, 2015

While whiskey may most often be thought to go hand-in-hand with chilly weather, there’s no reason not to drink whiskey all year-round; certain styles of it even beg for milder settings. Now that we’ve all survived the wrath of winter, here’s what to drink as the warmer winds start blowing. Check out our warm weather whiskey recommendations.

Spring Fever

There’s still a wee bit of bite to the air, but the sky is brighter, life is once again a-bloom and you’re looking for an excuse for some sunny day drinking. You want something light to sip neat with a lingering finish, perhaps one with some floral notes to match the burgeoning blossoms.

Hibiki 12 Year
Nikka Coffey Grain
Teeling Single Grain
Yellow Spot

Thunder and Lightning Very Very Frightening…

…except when you get to watch the heavens open up with a glass of whisky! Reach for something that matches the tempestuous weather show outside but doesn’t weigh you down.

Old Pulteney 12 Year
Talisker Storm
Corsair Oatrage
Wild Turkey Forgiven
Tullamore DEW 12 Year Special Reserve

Bring On The BBQ

What to put in your SOLO cup while the grill’s fired up? These whiskies pair well with smoky flavors and rich sauces.

Bowmore the Devil’s Casks 10 Year
Highland Park Dark Origins
Johnny Drum Private Stock
High West Campfire
Hakushu 12 Year

Breaking The Sweat

Don’t listen to the aficionados who say they’ll only sip their whisky neat. On a hot day, there’s nothing like kicking back with a flavorful cooled down with plenty of rocks (or whiskey stones as one may like).

Knob Creek Single Barrel 9 Year Reserve
Booker’s Bourbon Batch 2015-1
Monkey Shoulder
Compass Box Great King Street Glasgow Blend
Cutty Sark Prohibition

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